Floggin’ the Blog

Thank you all so very much for following my story over the past couple of years.
I have put all my favourite blogs (and a few new items) into a book which is for sale on Amazon, paperback and Kindle if you need a new door stopper.

I’m back blogging on here again now. Click here for the first new installment

Love from A New Wife in the Sun, the Reticent Husband, the Monosyllabic Child and Brian the Brave x

5 Replies to “Floggin’ the Blog”

  1. Congratulations on being a published author. Can’t wait to receive it and read about all your adventures again.

  2. Hi Paula, I look forward to reading your book. (At the moment Amazon wont accept order for book to Irish address, if that changes I will let you know.)
    Carry on with the blog in the meantime, I look forward to your latest escapades !
    Colette McD

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