A New Strife in the Sun – COVID-19… A BRIEF INTERLUDE – DAY 2


I’m having a lovely time with Hugh Jackman, sipping cocktails in his Jacuzzi while he tenderly massages my…

“Can’t you hear the buzzer?  I’m in the loo!  It’s the Amazon delivery… Hurry up or he’ll go!”

I’m ripped out of my slumber by my husband yelling at me from the throne in the bathroom and I stagger out of bed and into the lounge whilst grasping my Dunelm dressing gown to my kebab friendly torso.  I fling open the front door and I’m greeted by Darth Vader’s older sibling who promptly thrusts out a brown box for me to take.  I barely have time to ask if the force is with him before he disappears back down the communal stairs in a puff off sanitized dust.

Gently I place the familiar brown package on the table and go and unlock the balcony door.  It’s raining outside and the streets are eerily quiet.  In the distance I can hear the inhabitants of Biopark shouting for their breakfast and I look out onto the pavements for signs of life.  The Panaderia across the road from us is open and a couple of people are stood outside it, keeping a respectful meter distance apart while they wait in line for fresh bread.

My husband, fresh from his ablutions, saunters into the lounge and stares at the box on the table and then at me.

“Have you washed your hands?”

I look at him enquiringly.  I’ve not been anywhere to need to wash my hands.  Then it dawns on me.  The parcel, it could be holding a virus party all over its exterior, an invisible germ rave.

Shaking my head I head over to the sink and destroy yet another layer of my skin with washing up liquid and boiling hot water then pat them dry on my dressing gown.

“I’m going to walk Brian over to the office after breakfast, give the props another coat of paint, are you coming?  You’ll have to walk behind me if you do, take a shopping bag so it looks like your off to get supplies”  he enquires.

“Why don’t you just get me a red cape too and I can pretend I’m an extra in The Handmaid’s Tale?  I’ll yell  ‘Unclean Unclean’ just to make the walk more interesting if you like?”

My husband, used to my frustrated outbursts, just ignores my sarcastic comments and makes himself another coffee.

“What’s in the box anyway” I mumble, in way of an apology.

“It’s that projector we ordered for the office entrance hall. I’m going set it up tonight in the lounge and we use it like a cinema screen until the business opens…..”

Ah yes, the business.  Have I told you about that?  No?  Well, here’s a funny story…

To be continued… Day 3 and 4


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